Sustainable, by nature.

Essent’ial loves the environment, and the environment loves Essent’ial.

All objects and accessories are made by cellulose processing waste. Beyond cellulose, Essent’ial’s exclusive materials pannetto e canvas are obtained from the recycling of PET plastic bottles, vegan materials (plastic free and animal free), regenerated cotton and wool, materials obtained from apple processing waste and pineapple leaves.

As the eternal adage of grandmothers went, “nothing is thrown away” eand new fantasies are born from waste, as in the best recipes.

Sustainability by Essent’ial is meant as consistency and respect for nature throughout the supply chain: analysis of consumption, recycling of packaging materials, reduction of loads and energy waste, conscious selection and use of suppliers and raw materials, traced and certified for environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Sustainable, for real.

Carbon footprint: that is to say, how heavy is your step on the atmosphere?

Essent’ial researches, creates and develops products to have a light step, very light indeed. Backpacks, containers and accessories are made by certified material, that are recycled and recyclable and processed minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

These choices result in a reduction to a minimum of the impact on the environment, both during construction and products’ life cycle and disposal, given the newly recyclable nature of the materials.

An example? The production of an Essent’ial backpack in washable FSC ® cellulose fiber and regenerated cotton generates emissions 30 times lower than those required for a nylon or polyester backpack. The backpacks in washable FSC ® cellulose fiber avoid the use of synthetic fabrics derived from plastics, and the microplastics released by nylon and polyester in washing phase, along with the environmental cost for their disposal.

Essent’ial’s sustainable products save a lot of work for leafy trees and avoid unnecessary and harmful CO2 emissions to the environment.

Monitoring, analysis and control of processes and production are precious factors in the production environmental impact.

Virtuous practices: in 2020 Essential was selected to participate to a survey among the most attentive and consistent companies with the objectives set by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals, an action program signed in 2015 by UN member governments.