Nina is a “red pupetta” dressed in red… she’s a dreamer a glance of ironic and poetic inspiration.
Light but deep, tiny and silent but so powerful. Nina. the “little milanese” but in the years she became the
“little ambassador of “poetic design”: Europe, Usa, Korea, Russia, Taiwan and Canada. Recently nominated as “Best World Lincensing Brand” in art-design section competing with the Keith Haring and Andy Warhol Foundations. and the V&A.
Her collections of fine art stationery, homeware, emozional gifts and books have been chosen among the years by
prestigious concept stores as Colette in Paris, La Fayette, Pompidou Museum and the Triennale in Milan.
She’s been confermed to be the “mascotte” for events developed by the Department of Culture of Île-de-France (Paris)
…and she finally arrives in Italy withe the • NINA BLOOM COLLECTION •
Eloise Morandi Nash, artist and graphic designer is her creator. English mother tongue she lives in Milan since 2000.
She worked into high fashion and visual identity and still art-directing luxury Italian brands.
Eloise first sketched NINA sitting on the sidewalk in the middle of the sparkling night of the Milan Desing Week in 2005,
and she never stopped designing her, ever since.