Object made with natural, ecological and recycled materials are “essent’ial”. The simplicity and unconventional way ok thinking about things are part of Paola Navone.
The meeting of these two creative worlds has produced an imaginative and extravagant collection literally bursting with colour and energy.
Objects that have neat and essential forms.
Imperfect and very beautiful, to carelessly use every day.

And the colours:
Brushstrocked, Intense, Imprecise, Absolute, Black, Gray, Green, Red.
The textures are all different.
To be scattered, coupled, superimposed and mixed, without rules.
Pois that are infinitely repeated, large and still larger or as small as confetti.

Circles made with thick and imprecise brushstrockes inspired by some fantastic “elsewhere”. Large, out of proportion.
Crossed lines that compose an optical pattern, similar to flooring of monochrome tiles.
Minute doodles that design a densely woven motif.
Like a mosaic in black and white.
Or a shutter in wrought iron.

When taken together the objects of collection make up an eccentric miscellany of things.
Like a party.
Like a market.
Like a cartload of coloured things.
Like a suk.