The well-being set realized by Marco Bianchi and SKAKO sas for Essent’ial embodies and important message: prevention is a continuous gesture required as part of daily life and above all at the table. Good health is a daily conquest. Science has confirmed to us through numerous studies that it is possible to go beyond the general concept of prevention; it is possible to act in favour of optimum health, improving it, by way of practical instruments to be used on a daily basis: herein lies the reason for the collaboration with Essent’ial.

Knowing what food to choose to ensure optimum health and proper nutrition has never been more simple thanks to the “My Plate Pyramid”model which advises us of essential foods to include with every serving. The term “portion distortion” reminds us that we should aim to consume 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily from the 5 colors of good health (red, green, white, purple, and orange!) each representing a specific food group and provides certain nutritional benefits. The classic sacchino breadbag (complete) also makes captivating “fresh aromas” portible, in fact some preferred smells are basil, mint, oregano, thyme, and chilli pepper. The guidelines also remind us that salt is still the main killer for cardiovascular diseases.

Whenever possible, each dish should consist of 50% fruits and legumes, 25% grains (preferably whole wheat) and the remaining 25% should consist of vegetables, fat-free or low-fat cheeses, dried fruits, fish and eggs. Take care when consuming both red and white meats, remember to see if the meat is processed or a lean, fresh cut; it is not recommended to consume more than 500g of meat per week (porc, beef, horse, lamb).”

Therefore why not set your table with taste and with an eye to health? The set includes an apron and a booklet for the “clipboard of taste and health” to record and draw useful information to help improve your lifestyle, with flavour, good taste and with a smile!

Healthy Box

Box composed of:
2 bowls in havana paper sz. 12x12x h. 7,5 cm
1 pack of rice “Gli Aironi” 250 gr.
2 placemats in havana paper sz. 30×40 cm
2 wood forks
2 napkins in havana paper